October 29, 2018

Dance Battle! Hip Hop vs Ballet

by: Maggie And Cuddles The Dancing Dogs


Today i am testing which one is cooler hip hop or ballet

Let’s start with ballet

1.if you do ballet it helps you with your structure until your 85.

2.the dress that they were aren’t actually called a dress it is called a tutu

3.for a ballerina it takes five years no stop to master the point

4. One of the shoes are called point it is when you go on your toes with a flat shoe

5.a normal shoe for ballet is easier than the pointy shoe

6.the ballerinas put cream on their shoes so they don’t slip.

7.famous dancers buy their tutus for 3000 dollars.

Now moves


Jutas pleas

Step hops


Well that’s 8 for ballet let’s see how much for hip hop



Ok time for hip hop

1.hip hop is just flowing with the music

2.hip hop is not structure it is like the opposite of ballet

3.they don’t need very nice clothes for hip hop not like ballet

4.people think that hip hop dancers wear running shoes well no,they wear jazz shoes

5.hip hop dancers wear cream on their hands because they get blisters

Now moves

The worm

The helicopter

The three step

The six step

The baby freeze

The chair freeze

Ok so 7 facts for ballet and 4 moves and hip hop has 5 facts and 6 moves

So add them up and it is a tie wow.

From: cutels and maggie the dancing dogs

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