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Wild Link

Grade: 5
intreests: Zelda,TV,Ipad
interesting fact about me I once killed a silver lynel in Zelda

HI peeps, Wild Link here.  A cool thing about me is that I’m working towards being a pro gamer in Zelda because I killed a silver lyne.  if you didn’t know that is, it’s very hard! My interests are playing Zelda, gaming on ipad and watching T.V.!!  In the winter, I also love to ski! Another cool fact about me is that once I ate five plate sized pancakes!!!

Floppy Bacon

Floppy Bacon
movies,dance,playing with friends and singing.
Interesting fact about me:Im crazy.

Hey world,I’m Floppy Bacon and welcome to my blog chanel.I love baking,cooking traveling and playing hockey.I’m in grade 5 and I love playing outside and going to the park with my friends and sister.Whenever I have a chance I play street hockey with my friends.This is my third year of hockey.And love singing!!!

Grade: 5
Interests (Hockey, games, Goats  memes slime ):
Interesting fact about me I have done a backflip underwater

Hi am a savage and I like games and I havetwo cats and one dog and my little bro and he is 10but I am a little older and my little bro and he is 4 and I play soccer  and I like funny things like memes

Dancing Snowflake
Grade: 6
Interests:Dance….piglets….playing the flute and the clarinet
Interesting fact about me: i can play two musical instruments, the flute and the clarinet

Hey fellow world, I am dancing snowflake! I am in grade six and I love animals, and playing musical instruments such as a flute and a clarinet. I have recently moved to Ottawa Ontario Canada in December. I also like animals such as piglitts, koalas, and pandas. I blog mostly about animals, dance, and musical instruments.

Grade: 5
Interests (Hockey, soccer and fortnite.):
Interesting fact about me once I got two wins in fortnite in a day)

Hey world, I am Gamerboy! I am a grade 5 who loves Fortnite, soccer and hockey. I have a sister and she drives me crazy with her trumpet!!! Cool things about me are, I once ate 11 perogies for dinner, one time I got two wins in fortnite in one day. And I have 2500 kills in fortnite and I got an 8 kill game on computer and mouse.