February 5, 2019

Child Labour In Asia And The Pacific

by: Firecats

Companies buy products that were made by child labourers some companies that use child labour. Than the companies sell the stuff for more money so they can make money because they buy the products. The money lenders get a lot of money a year they get millions of dollars year.

The kids work in farms to get cotton they also work in cobalt mines and mines to get coal. Fishing and some of the fish  jump at the kids. They work for about 15 years if there lucky they work for 10 years

In some countries they don’t work in winter because it’s too dangerous in these countries Japan,China,Korea,Taiwan and Mongolia. Child labour in Asia is happening or happened in these countries Bangladesh,Cambodia,Fiji,India,Indonesia,Iran Lao People’s Democratic Republic,Mongolia,Myanmar,Nepal, Pakistan,Papua New Guinea,Philippines,Sri Lanka,Thailand,Vietnam.

The kids are in child labour because their parents don’t have enough money to pay for food,clean water or don’t have the money to pay for their rent on the house so sell their kids to people to make money for food, clean water and rent. The money lenders operate illegally and try not to get caught by the police and companies that stop child labour so they don’t go to and get a huge fine.

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