January 22, 2019

Child labour in the coal mining industry

By: Gamerboy

Hey guys it’s Gamer boy and today we’re gonna be talking about a more serious topic.

That’s child labour more specify coal child labour,and that’s when a child as young as nine years old goes into a mine and mines coal.This is illegal but the law is ignored the only way this is not against the law is if your not in hazardous conditions, but all the mines are hazardous and dangerous. On average these kids work sixty hours a week,and they get cuts, burns, dizziness,fears and nightmares. Children are chose to be labourers because they are easy to manipulate and they are intimidated of the adults. these child labourers can be found in developing countries such as pakistan sudan and afghanistan.  If these people get caught though the have to pay 550 dollars and the second time they will have to go to jail for one to three years. A few tips are to educate yourself,contact retail stores and manufacturers to see if they are using child labour ,grow your own food,support education and last buy non sweatshop products. And gamerboy is out bye.

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