February 1, 2019

Child labour in the gold mining industry

By: Maggie and Cuddles the Dancing Dogs

I am researching children that are working in mines. We do not exactly who owns kids, who work in gold mines, but we do know that people are trying to stop it. In mines, kids breath in gas which can get their lungs inflamed and they would get sick. They can also die, by rocks falling on them last but not least breathing the gas inside the mines can cause you to stop breathing you can not fix it.

Kids that are three work with a partner between six and eight. They leave their partner at 5 and then they get a partner at 6. Three year olds work for three hours and their partner takes on the rest of 6 hours ten and eleven work for 12 hours. Adults work for 15 hours.

The places that work in mining are Africa, India . In India and Africa it is always hot they work during the whole year. There are 50,000 kids that work in mines and 20,000 die every year because of the gases in side of the mines.

Kids work in the mines because their families are poor they do not have any money to buy clothes or sometimes food they only live in a tiny hut. The kids bring the gold in sacs then when they get to the top of the mines they put it in wheel barrels then bring it to the master. I hope that child labour changes and more people help it change.

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