February 4, 2019

Child labour in the tobaco industry

By: Floppy Bacon

Hello there, it is Floppy Bacon and today I am going to tell you a little bit about child labour. My subject is tobacco so let’s get into it! Do you think it’s fair that kids 14 and under have to work for seven days a week all year and 10-12  hours a day. NO!

This takes place in the United States, India, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Malawi And Mexico.

Their working conditions are hard and sometimes harmful physical labour to produce the tobacco. How does a child pick tobacco? Although today tobacco picking is done by machine,much of the rest of the production  is done by hand.Workers line up row by row and rapidly move down the lines of plants,topping(taking of the buds and flowers).

Who buys the tobacco – Cigarette makers? Major companies?

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