January 24, 2019

Child labour is happening all across the world including Africa

There are many, MANY children that are labourers in Africa, 72.1 children are child labourers (estimated), and 31.5 of them are working in hazardous places. They work for their boss, and their family or themselves because of poverty. The child’s parents are dead (usually because of some kind of illness), so some just get adopted, or some just work for themselves. The children even work in mining or fishing too, such as cobalt(in Central African Republic-and Zambia),coal(mines in south Africa-in Mpumalanga),fishing for fish( they fish is a place called Ghana Lake) and much more, the pits they dig down is about 30 metres deep!

In the internet there are websites that you can donate to, because the children are in poverty, they only earn a few cents or low-paid or not even paid.These children go into the pits and use these wooden sticks and keep banging the walls, so the pit can get deeper and so they can get the  minerals.

When they come out of the deep pits, their faces are all covered with white dust.They go to working starting at a age of 7-8 years old, they work for 8 hours or even 12-16 hours. How they get the fish is that these kids, (about 4-5 kids on a canoe) they go and row the canoe, and the canoe is fast, they throw the net into the water and wait for the fish. When the fish is in the net, they pull them back up, since the net is so heavy, some of the kids can even get blisters, by pulling on the net.Even some kids stumble into the water and drown.

 Or by them swimming in the deep water, and then they suddenly get killed because of a tree stump, cause the tree stump is underwater and you cant see them, or they are scared because some say that their eyeballs can get poked out.Most of them are scared to go into the water, so their masters hit them with the paddle from the canoe.

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