October 23, 2018

Different Types Of Ski Courses

By: Caesar Salad

There are 7 different types of ski courses: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom,Downhill, Parallel Slalom and Duels


Slalom courses are the course with the shortest distance between gates and they are also my favourite types of courses’.The gates are straight poles. The equipment that you wear for Slalom courses are chin guards (They attach to the chin of your helmet, they protect your face when the gates swing back after you punch them), pole guards ( they protect your hands when you punch the gates) gates are hard and frozen and shin guards ( you’re supposed to ram the gates with your shin guards as well as punching they with your pole guards.( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)!

Giant Slalom

Giant Slalom A.K.A, GS are the second and probably the most often used course.They are also many people’s favourite type of course. The gates are 2 poles with a flag in between. You wear arm guards to protect your arms when you clip the gates ( clipping is when you block the pole closest to you with your arm guard).         ( ☆ ͜ʖ ☆).

Super Giant Slalom

Super Giant Slalom A.K.A Super G  is basically the same thing as Giant Slalom,  ( same equipment, same gates ) the only differences is that the gates are farther apart so you go faster and that there are jumps.😜


Downhill have the same types of gates as Super G and GS they also have jumps and you also only wear arm guards. They have the biggest distance between gates and are the fastest ski course.😇

Parallel Slalom

Parallel Slalom is almost the same as Slalom except that Parallel Slalom gates are the same as GS, Super G and Downhill. You wear pole guards as well as arm guards. Some of the faster and taller people hit the gates with both of their pole guards, I know it’s strange, ( if you don’t believe me look at the pic.)


Duels are where 2 skiers race side by side. It’s like a playoffs best of 2 and if it’s equal they do a third race. The people with the fastest time race the slowest times and every round half of the racers are eliminated. Until there is only one more racer left.  

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