October 19, 2018

My favourite trampoline tricks

by: Thanos

My name thanos and I do trampoline tricks I know i’m a little to big to jump on a trampoline or am I ha ha ha ha ha. Im gonna be listing my top five favorite trampoline tricks I made about one or two tricks up.

#1 a basic frontflip I have known how to do a frontflip for about 4 years did you know that front flips are harder than backflips front flips is just doing a summer salt in the air and landing on your feet.

#2 a backflip not many people can do backflips people are known to learn a frontflip before a backflip even though frontflips are harder to some people and shorter people learn how to do trampoline tricks faster.

#3 a backflip frontflip and yes I made it up just because #1 and #2  were a front flip and a backflip i’m not lying I can actually do it if you can do a front flip and a backflip than go ahead try it out you just need confidence and you need to get the right landing to do another flip right after.

#4 the back twist  I am terrible at back twists I try my best so you have to get a high amount of height and then you spin as much as you can but try not to land on yo face im not kidding and I can not do a front twist.

#5 double backflip my brother will be showing you how to do this so If you do know how to do a backflip then all you need to know is how to land right just like the back twist

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