February 5, 2019


I will be presenting the charity Unicef. Unicef is a charity that is trying to get rid of child labour. Unicef was founded in December 11, 1946, New York City, United States. Unicef was founded by a man named Ludwik Rajchman and the United Nations General Assembly. They created because after World War II, European children face famine and disease. UNICEF is created in December 1946 by the United Nations to provide food, clothing and health care to them. The UN General Assembly extends UNICEF’s mandate indefinitely.

Its mandate soon expanded to helping children whose lives were at risk in developing countries.UNICEF is present in 191 countries and territories around the world, but not involved in nine others (Bahamas, Brunei, Cyprus, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Mauritius,Monaco, and Singapore). Today, UNICEF helps vaccinate nearly half the world’s children, saving 3 million lives each year.

In cooperation with governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs),UNICEF saves and protects the world’s most vulnerable children, working to ensure child rights and providing health care, immunizations, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation services, basic education, protection and emergency relief.

In conclusion, I know that Unicef won’t stop doing what there doing until they saved at least ¾ of all the child slaves in the world.

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