September 18, 2018

What About Bob?

by: Teach

While many of you readers will list Master Splinter as your favourite rodent, I have grown very fond of my families hamster Bob aka Spiderbob, and need to tell all of you about him. Many things about Bob are a mystery, including… his/her gender, interests outside of running on a wheel and favourite Chinese dish (Chicken Balls??). This is the first of an ongoing series, where I will go “Inside the cage”, unravelling the mysteries of Bob.

Today’s post will be a quick recap, as to how Bob became my families hamster, a “Bob’s origin story” if you will. It all started at Pet Smart on September 18th, 2017. For the sum of $15 (Plus applicable taxes…. he is not a black market Hamster), he was bequeathed into my care to start his career as a full time class pet.

Bob immediately settled comfortably into the back of my elementary school classroom. For 10 months, Bob spent his weekdays in class 105, distracting grade 6 students from quizzes and language assignments, with his dazzling cage acrobatics.

On weekends, he toured the world of Kanata, going from student home to student home, being the centre of attention at slumber parties and getting lost in air ducts. Two weeks ago, Bob started a well earned retirement, moving into our houses mudroom, claiming it as his/her own 24 hr wheel gym.

Now with the most basic of understanding of Bob’s origin and his place in the world, my next blog in this series will chronicle the time Bob escaped his cage for a full 48hrs, only to be recovered in the most adorable way.

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